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MecaStack is the most widely used software in the world for designing self-supported and guy wire supported steel stacks. An easy to use Windows based interface allows designers to quickly model a stack. The user has complete control over the codes that are used for Along Wind, Across Wind, Stress and Fatigue.  Load Combinations and factors can be customized as needed.
MecaWind is a cost effective program used by Engineers and designers to perform Wind calculations per ASCE 7-05 and ASCE 7-10.  The program is simple to use, and offers a professional looking output with all necessary wind calculations. The user also has a great deal of conrol at their fingertips to customize their output to suit their needs.
Our new EBook provides a detailed set of wind load calculations that illustrate how to calculate wind loads per ASCE 7-10 and ASCE 7-05. In addition, the EBook provides a comparison of the various methods within each standard as well as a comparison in the results obtained following ASCE 7-10 versus ASCE 7-05.
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